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New and second-hand instruments available.


Work in progress

This piano has seen better days. I'm currently restoring it to playing condition after decades of neglect and it will be available for purchase in the next few months.

It has a lovely nameboard dated 1790 but unfortunately almost all the ivory key plates came off, probably due to being kept in very damp conditions. I've also uploaded some pictures of the soundboard as I've progressed through removing, flattening and gluing it back.

I believe in restorative conservation and make every effort to preserve as much as the original material as possible whilst researching similar instruments and practices when making components that are missing.



This square piano of c1818 seems to have been kept in playing conditions for almost all of its entire life. All the hammer hinges have been replaced as the originals started to rip, and some worn-out leathers of the intermediate levers too, so it is now in playable condition. What is remarkable is that it has never been restored until now, except for the dampers, and most of the strings seem to be either original or nineteenth century, with only three bass strings being replaced recently. All tuning pins, soundboard, metal hinges, etc. seem original. The hammer dressings are original and minimal intervention was carried out to recover their roundness and improve their timbre. Damper cloths were replaced with period-like one. The wrest plank is solid and stable and with no signs of detaching from the case. The current pitch at present is A392 and we recommend leaving it at that pitch to avoid damage to the piano and strings. The pedal is present as is the original baffle, which was repainted at some point in the 20th century.

This piano is recommended for someone who wants to have a period instrument with most of its original parts but in reliable playing condition. Restored by Cesar Hernandez and Daniel Flew.

Listen to this instrument here:





This lovely double manual harpsichord is available for sale after a good service and has a nice light touch and full bass. Includes beautiful soundboard decoration with flowers and birds. Was bought by a concert pianist in the 80s but has been unplayed for around 10 years and deserves a new home. GG - g3 compass, 2 x 8' + 4' with a buff stop, tuned to A=415.

Listen to this instrument here:

Back 8'

Front 8' + 4'

Both 8's + 4'



This spinet has just been restored and is an extremely interesting example of Arnold Dolmetsch's early work. It is exquisitely made using English Walnut and Beech in the Arts & Crafts style. The jacks are wooden and the keyplates are Boxwood and Ebony. This instrument is strung in Malcolm Rose brass and iron, closely copying the original strings. The instrument is voiced with leather plectra.

For more information contact me or Peter Barnes at



I helped to complete an instrument that was part made by Peter Stephens at the London College of Furniture, a copy of a Gregori harpsichord previously owned by John Barnes. It is transposing, with C-d3 compass and 2 x 8' stops. Case made in Poplar, lid and stand made in Cedar of Lebanon.

For more information contact me or Peter Barnes at

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Want to sell your instrument?

Please send me photos of your instrument for sale and I can make you an offer. 

If you would like me to sell it for you on commission then we can discuss the asking price. I charge 10% commission on instruments over £3000, 15% between £2000 and £3000, and 20% for instruments under £2000. There is no charge if I don't sell it, or if you sell it yourself and there is no VAT payable.

Other places to advertise include The Early Music Shop, The British Harpsichord Society and The Friends of Square Pianos.

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